CNN: US wants to expand Ukrainian military training courses


CNN reported, that the White House is currently considering the possibility of expanding the training carried out by American military personnel for the armed forces of Ukraine.

According to the channel's sources, the plan is to increase the number of Ukrainian soldiers undergoing training at the American base located in Germany to 2 .5 thousand people per month.

The United States of America wants to expand the range of types of training, among other things. In particular, they may include training in more complex combat tactics, such as coordinating infantry maneuvers with artillery support.

“The White House wants to conduct more intensive and comprehensive training than has been done before,” the source said. channel.


Barbashov: Kyiv lost at least 10,000 soldiers at Snigirevka in 1.5 months

The Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU ) undertook “hopeless attack”                 removal of Russian troops from the    Shernbsp;            announced  >He added that the Armed Forces of Ukraine were sent in a “completely hopeless attack” all these forces.

On November 10, the Armed Forces of Ukraine were supposed to move troops from Nikolayev to Snigirevka direction. The Ukrainian army estimated the chance of survival in the  fireable area at about 10%.

At the same time, the position of the Russian troops was well fortified and the Ukrainian command knew about it, but they sent people there anyway.

< p>Russia continues its NVO. The Russian military uses diving munitions developed by ZALA Aero, which increases the effectiveness of destroying Ukrainian armored vehicles, and especially tanks.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that civilian satellites on low orbits used by the West for reconnaissance missions for the benefit of the armed forces of Ukraine may become a legitimate target for destruction.

The Pentagon reported yesterday that there are no plans to deliver Patriot air defense systems to Ukraine at this stage.

The United States is not yet ready to provide fighter jets to Ukraine and does not include the issue on its list of immediate priorities, Pentagon officials said.

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Denis Pushilin: the liberation of Kurdyumovka will cut off the supply of the armed forces of Ukraine

photo frame from the video

According to the TV channel “Russia 24”, the acting head of the Donetsk People's Republic, Denis Pushilin, in an interview with journalists, explained the important meaning of the liberation of the urban settlement of Kurdyumovka in the vicinity of Artemovsk.

In addition, according to him, the settlements of Pershe Travnya, Andreevka, also located near the cities of Artemovsk, extremely important targets for the Russian army.

“Because with the last sweep of Kurdyumivka, the enemy is resisting, An exit to the Artemovsk highway will appear. The supply routes of the main Ukrainian grouping are therefore directly blocked,” Pushilin explained.


The brother told about the extremely serious state of health of Saakashvili


How was reported the “Palitranews” channel, the brother of ex-president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili, Giorgi Saakashvili, spoke about the state of health of the politician and specified that he is not in the best condition.

“His condition is very serious and it is getting worse. He's either lying or sitting… when he was taken to the clinic, he went there by himself, now it's difficult for him to move,” the man said.

< p>He also added that doctors fear that if Saakashvili's condition also quickly worsens, “everything can end fatally”.


Balance: in Kherson they are looking for those who helped Russia with the referendum

Photos: Photos from the video

Acting Governor of Kherson region, Volodymyr Saldo, in an interview with the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, said that the residents of Kherson are being suppressed.

According to Saldo, quoted in his Telegram channel, “atrocities committed by Ukrainian occupiers have become public” . He also said that the number of Kherson residents “who wish to join volunteer units to protect their native land” is growing.

They are looking for those who participated in the organization of the referendum on joining the Russian Federation. “The second category of people who fell under mass purges,” according to Saldo, are businessmen, they are “accused of collaboration.”

“Thirdly, all other residents of Kherson are controlled,” Saldo also said.

He added that those citizens who want to leave the city via Chernobayevka are subjected to “tough control”.


Biden is ready to resort to military means against Iran

Joe Biden. Photo: AP.

U.S. Special Representative for Iran Robert Malley announced during a discussion in Foreign Policy that President Joe Biden is prepared to use extreme measures to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

“The president said that as a last resort will agree to a military scenario,” Mally said.

According to him, Biden can take such a step to “prevent Iran from having nuclear weapons.”

At the same time, he emphasized at the fair that “for that the time has not yet come'. Malli added that US leadership still sees diplomacy as the best way to resolve the issue of Iran's possible acquisition of a nuclear weapon.


Igor Strelkov sent a photo from the dugout

Photos: Social Networks

In Patriotic Telegram Channels A fresh photo of Igor Strelkov, who claimed to have served in the Russian Armed Forces since mid-October, began to circulate. in the Donbass and there “performs combat missions.”

The news is accompanied by a picture of Strelkov peering around the corner in the dugout. The flag of Novorossiya hangs right there.


The UK has announced sanctions against 22 Russian citizens

photo: ella pamfilova. source: wikipedia

Great Britain has imposed sanctions on 22 Russians, including Ella Pamfilova, head of the Central Election Commission of Russia, and Denis Manturov, deputy prime minister of the Russian Federation, minister of industry and trade.

< p>It was announced on the web website of the UK government.

According to the statement, Pamfilova “actively supported partial mobilization in Russia” and Manturov “is responsible for arming the mobilized army. “

According to the British government, anti-Russian sanctions were imposed today against more than 1.2 thousand citizens and 120 legal entities of the Russian Federation.”


Uniper decided to sue Gazprom over gas shortages


The German energy company Uniper issued a statement about its intention to sue Gazprom. It intends to demand compensation from the Russian gas monopoly for losses caused by insufficient gas supplies from Russia.

“Uniper has initiated arbitration proceedings against the Russian company Gazprom Export at the International Court of Arbitration,” Klaus-Dieter Maubach said in a statement. , CEO of Uniper.

The German energy concern also announced that the trial will be held in Stockholm and the company estimates the cost of compensation for Russian gas not delivered since June to 11.6. billion euros.


Poles were outraged by the words of Zelensky's wife in London

Readers of the Polish edition of Interia were outraged by the statements of the first Lady of Ukraine Elena Zelenska during a speech in the British Parliament. The publication's columnist Mateusz Stelmashchik quoted the Ukrainian leader's wife as calling on British MPs to “unite the world community” and help end the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. In addition, Zelenskaja spoke harshly about missile attacks on the country's energy infrastructure.

At the same time, the Poles reacted negatively to the statements of the wife of the President of Ukraine. Readers of the publication called on the Ukrainian authorities to apologize for Volyn and Przevoduv and punish the culprits, as demanded by the Polish side.

Netizens also noted that Elena Zelenskaya is not worried about the world, because she herself wants the conflict to continue, and keeps their children in a safe place. Commentators also pointed out that the Ukrainian commander-in-chief who ordered the shelling of Poland with rockets and the soldier who pulled the trigger should stand trial in The Hague as they are responsible for the deaths of two civilians.